Zippo dating




                                                              Zippo Regular date charts

                                                  zippoidcreditcardsize.jpg (487416 bytes)                  zippo id large.jpg (313547 bytes)

There are a lot of similar items around that do the same thing. The first chart when printed out and folded is credit card sized and consequently easy to carry. I made it for that purpose. My laminated card goes everywhere with me. The second shows base images with the relevant dates added.


One thing to note is the 1959 date coding. A great many 'official' charts that show the 1959 date code as .... ... (4-3).  There is a 4/3 configuration, but it isn't 1959. Looking at the way the chart flows, it is easy to see why it was a natural choice for the date concerned. These chart shows the ... .... 3/4 configuration with a centralised patent for the 1959 Zippo. 


                                                                    Zippo Slim Chart

                                                          low quality, though still usable

                                                            full slim web.jpg (156979 bytes)


The images of all the bases (regular and slim) are smaller copies of the pictures I made for hanging by my computer. The larger versions origionally created to make the originals were printed on photo quality roll paper (the original regular image being twice the length of an A4 sheet when printed). The usual charts are good for the years where Zippo used proper date codes, but the early years were a bit harder to identify. Having real images of the bases was infinitely more preferable. The individual images for each base were lifted from MaxCadys site to create the wallcharts (the hyperlink to the MC site is on the Links page), As a result of that I have only put the lower resolution charts up here. Putting the high quality items up would have been a bit too unfair. I used their base images as they were both clear and concise. 






When I first began trying to make up the wall charts a year or so back, I trawled numerous sites to find the relevant images to make a personal chart that was easily used. During which time I ended up with numerous folders full of similar images from different sites. At the time I had no intention of doing a web site and it was all for personal use. Now I have come to actually doing something with them, I find that I don't know where the majority of my Zippo base images came from. If and when any of it appears here, I apologise unreservedly if anything is not correctly credited to the original source. Should anything be recognised by the original creators of individual images, I will be happy to either credit them accordingly, or delete the item if it causes offence by its use in the charts shown above.