The Clone test
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I was recently shown a Fake Zippo that was so close to the real thing on first examination that it could easily have been mistaken for the genuine article. As a small test for anybody that fancies trying it, I have put  4 images on this page with the Rippo and a Genuine item on each image.  See if you can tell which is which? Grab yourself a piece of paper and write down the numbers 1 to 4. and whichever you think is the REAL  ZIPPO, write the letter that corresponds with your answer. When you are ready, hit the next page button below the images.

p1basesq.jpg (268504 bytes)  p2hingesq.jpg (80468 bytes)  p3innersq.jpg (208570 bytes)  p4wheelsq.jpg (75408 bytes)


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