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Nothing is safe from the Rippo Merchants, Flint Holders, Leather belt holders, Fuel, Wicks, all have been copied.  Proof if proof were required is in the Rippo Packaging section. A complete Rippo set in full detail is shown at the bottom of that page..


There was a time when spotting a Rippo (Rip off Zippo) was a very easy task. Quality aside, the Rippo items were done in an incompetent way, spelling mistakes on both the lighter base and the guarantee, along with none existent date codes. In recent times the visual quality of these fake lighters has improved considerably, making a first glance insufficient to decide if it is a fake or real item. For the most part though, actually holding, opening and closing a lighter often gives away the Rippo's provenance. The metal used is inferior, this causes the Rippo sound to differ from that of a Zippo. That said, Many buyers, especially those buying from an online source who only have a picture to go off, will not find this out until it actually arrive at their door. I personally do not consider a 'flip top' lighter to be a Rippo. 

Unless it is trying to pass itself off as the real deal (having Zippo on the base or front), then to me, it is just a cheap throwaway lighter.  Zippo have waged war on those who copy the design, Though over the years the shape has been used by many manufacturers using everything from a blank base to a large variety of names (Hadson, penguin, star, to name but a few). As a result, I have only put the true 'Fakes' into the Rippo section. Other lighter using a similar shape have been added to the 'Neither Zippo nor Rippo' page. 

The Park lighter (to name just one) was added to the Neither Zippo nor Rippo page solely to put it somewhere on the site, I was recently contacted by a collector who was offended by it's inclusion on the page, citing it's design and manufacture as pre Zippo, also pointing out some of the design elements that he thought were superior to Zippo's. However, there are times in online auctions that the park is often advertised as a Zippo, in my eyes (as a Zippo collector) this makes the Parks inclusion to the list an essential addition. 

At the end of the day, this site is a personal opinion and cannot be expected to please everybody.  With all that said, there are links both to the left, and below, that deal solely with the true Rippo's. The majority of the information is given in image form, as explaining why a fake is a fake is a far from easy task. The clone test being one of the best to show how close some copies have now become.

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