Joyce Ballantyne (1918)

Born in Nebraska, a student of Nebraska University.

Her first major works being Rand Mcnally road maps.

Having met Elvgren in later years (whilst sudying under him at the art academy) she later became both a friend and professional ally. By recommendation from Elvgren, she began painting pinups for  Brown and Bigelow in 1945, eventually progressing to the creation of a 12 page Artists Sketch book.

In 1954 she created a calendar for release in 1955, so well received was the calendar, that it was reprinted numerous times to satiate the requirements of advertisers of the period.

She created numerous works for various advertisers, including work for Esquire magazine.

Joyce was an attractive woman, and used this as a basis for some of her own works, posing for herself rather than using another model.

1974 saw Ballantyne and Jack Brand (her husband) moving to Florida to begin Painting fine art portraits.