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The Real Zippo was :-

Image 1 (Bases)  =  A         Image 2  (Hinges) = B        Image 3 (Inners) = A     Image 4 (Wheels) = A

p1basesq.jpg (268504 bytes)                p2hingesq.jpg (80468 bytes)                p3innersq.jpg (208570 bytes)             p4wheelsq.jpg (75408 bytes)

p1 basesa.jpg (274751 bytes)                p2hingesa.jpg (116069 bytes)                 p3innersa.jpg (214109 bytes)            p4wheelsa.jpg (76754 bytes)

The following are additional images of the Rippo lighter and fake guarantee for further identification.

Obvious differences are the in the hinge design (not actually shown here) that is more angular in side the case. 

The fonts used on the base are close but not exactly the same as Zippo's. 

The inner has no ridge near the bottom, nor does it have the brass insert at the top of the flint tube. The flint wheel on the Rippo is more of a straight cut rather than the angled type currently used by Zippo. Also worthy of note on the inner is the flexibility of the metal used, being almost tin like. Slight pressure can actually twist the flint wheel in its enclosure, and the rivets look decidedly cheap and nasty. 

One final thing on the insert, it is actually slightly different in length.  All this is blatantly obvious when compared to a real Zippo, but not so obvious when standing on it's own.

I have been informed by one of the Zippoclick members (currently I will only name him as Mr Pink) that a particular eBay seller out there initially sells a couple of Genuine versions of this lighter to build up his Feedback, then switches his sales to the Rippo's not long afterwards. As a result he gets good feedback from regular collectors at the start of his sales. On the occasions he is informed they are fake and payment is returned, the lighter is immediately put back up for sale. 

I am sure Mr Pink will at some point add the relevant information to the Click forums. This example was actually purchased in his quest to prove the situation.  If you came here from the Forums, I will try to get him to post the information in the forum link that brought you here.

frontnotforreal.jpg (76485 bytes)               WATERGUARANTEE.jpg (563521 bytes)                  orangelabel.jpg (100842 bytes)