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This site has no affiliation with any of the artists listed on the page, the works shown here remain the intellectual property of their respective owners.

For the Zippo collecting community, the names Alberto Vargas, Enoch Bolles, Olivia de Berardinis and George Petty will likely be of the most interest.


I am not adding artists pages in alphabetical order, preferring to add them in what may seem to be an unusual manner. Partly this is due to my finding other artists I had never heard of whilst researching particular artists I already had on the list. It would have been a long wait for those wishing to see Vargas work if I hadn't adopted this approach. 

I have added a guestbook to the base of this Page, it is for use solely in relation to the Pinup page. Any requests for a particular artist to be bumped up the list for inclusion can be added there. Providing I have access to the material to add a particular artist at that time, I will happily make them my next addition to the site.

The images on this particular page currently form a timeline for page creation of each artist featured on the site. Each image links to an individual artist. As each new page is added, one example of the relevant artists work will be added to this page along with any relevant links.  Using this method adds a little colour to the page, whilst simultaneously making the task of those following this area of the site a little easier. The first picture in the list linking to the first artist page added to the site, the last being the latest addition.

There are a great many artists in the world who have created (and still are creating) some beautiful works of art in the Pinup genre. I am aiming to add the works of the artists listed at the bottom of this page on an ad hoc basis. Additional artists are added regularly. I am not doing my usual changes to the homepage that would normally reflect these updates.

To give some idea of the expanse of artists involved in this genre and give you a collection of names worthy of an internet search, I have added my list of Artists who have done some form of  Pinup style work during their painting periods (along with links to the relevant page on this site when an artists work has been added). This is not necessarily a complete list, but it does give an idea of the kind or research time likely to be required to find examples of the works of every artist on the list.


                                Note:- Highlighted yellow names below are the only pages currently linked on the site.

                                              Pinup Artists List (alphabetical order)

Martin Abel, Arnold Armitage, Rolf Armstrong, Glen Artsbit, Aslan

 Joyce Ballantyne, McClelland Barclay, Vaughan Alden Bass, Andrew Bawidamann, Ben-Hur Baz, Julie Bell, Earle K. Bergey, Roy Best, Deacon Black, Dick Bobnick, Enoch Bolles, Harry C. Bradley, Al Brulé, Al Buell, Ralph Burch, Paul Ballard

Fernando Caretta, Giovanna Casotto, Eddie Chan, Echo Chernik, Ernest Chiriaka, Henry Clive, Forrest Clough, Howard Connolly, Bradshaw Crandell, John Carey, Carlos Cartagena

Marni De Ambershay, Lorenzo di Mauro, Edward D'Ancona, Olivia De Berardinis, Ruth Deckard, Joe DeMartini, Joe DeMers, Billy DeVorss, Archie Dickens, Peter Driben, Carlos Diez

Edward M. Egglestone, Harry Ekman, Freeman Elliot, Gil Elvgren, Merlin Enabnit, Jules Erbit,

Paul Fabian, Art Frahm, Pearl Frush,

Keith 'Garv' Garvey, Charles Dana Gibson, Marcus Gray, Anthony Guerra,

R. Wilson Hammell, Kim Harlow, Mabel Rollins Harris, Susan Heidi, "Hawaiian" Bryan Hey, Cardwell S. Higgins, Greg Hildebrandt, Hy Hintermeister, Patrick Hitte, Armando Huerta, Jon Hul,

Jennifer Janesko, Barbara Jensen,

Jamie Kidd, Arnold Kohn,

Bill Layne, Charlene Lanzel, Mike Ludlow,

Earl Mac Pherson, Alayna Magnan, Milo Manara, Ken Martin, Dominic Marco, Gianluca Mattia, Bill Medcalf, Anna Merli, M. Miller, Robert Mills, Joli Minet, Frederik Mizen, Al Moore, Earl Moran, Zoë Mozert, K. O. Munson, Michael Mobius

Krysztof Nemeth, Patrick Nagel,

Mayo Olmstead, Walt Otto,

Irene Patten, Laurette Patten, George Petty, Jay Scott Pike, Andrew Posada, Gene Pressler,

George Quintana,

Bill Randall, TJ Rappel, Edward Reed, Luis Royo, Edward Runci, Donald L. Rust,

Arthur Sarnoff, Mauro Scali, Lou Shabner, Charles Gates Sheldon, Charles Showalter, Robert Skemp, Francis Smilby, J. Frederick Smith, William Fulton Soare, Hajime Sorayama, Haddon Sundblom, Ary Spoelstra

Hope Talmon AKA Cyrelle St. James, Pete Tapang, T. N. (Jerry) Thompson, Les Toil, Jerrold Tibstra,

Boris Vallejo, Daniel Vancas, Si Vanderlaun, Alberto Vargas, Rion Vernonm, Baron Von Lind,

Bill Ward, Mark Wasyl, Ronnie Werner, Jack Whittrup, Fritz Willis, Ted Withers, Iman Woods, David Wright,

Dean Yeagle,


It should be said at this point, that the term Pinup is nothing more than a generic term covering a large spectrum of styles. Many people see the pinup term as a description for the 50's era of Americana type images, if that is what you have in mind, you will find plenty of them here, with different artists interpretations of the pinup creating equally different and distinctive results. The public have been exposed to the pinup artists works since the 1930's and up to the present day. Throughout that time, the pinup girls have been presented in almost every conceivable way, and more importantly in a large variety of styles. With the changes in public attitudes and perspective, what may once have been a risqué image is now an acceptable piece of art for the fireplace. Don't forget though, these images were used to sell just about everything in their day, from underwear to power tools and beyond. More recent art from later artists eschew the conventional image of the Pinup and create their own versions for a modern age. What matters is that the images they create are from the mind of an artist and not from a lens.  Whether these images portray a flapper, a futuristic girl, a fantasy figure or an almost photographic image, they are all Pinup girls.


This Guestbook is Solely for the Pinup Art Sections of the site. Did you find what you were looking for? Is there an artist missing off the main list? Did you enjoy the visit? Have a request for a particular artists work to be added next or have more images added for artist I have already done? Whatever your thoughts, the guestbook is here for your use.