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Zippo History, Merchandise, Fakes (Rippos), Packaging, Table lighters & more.

The Page Descriptions link was added to allow those not familiar with this site to see what each of the above links relates to in a more detailed manner.               

              23rd September 2008  My Zippo Images Page updated to show bespoke display cases  


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                                                 George Grant Blaisdell - 1895 – 1978

          "Build your product with integrity . . .stand behind it 100% and success will follow."



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For the purposes of this site, Rippo relates only to those lighters that try to pass themselves off as the real thing while Lighters based on the shape are elsewhere on the site.

The site has grown in size considerably more than I planned during it's 1st upload.  When I last checked prior to writing this paragraph, it contained over 37 pages spread over 14 sections (which currently has again increased to 22 sections and an unknown amount of pages, and this does not include the non Zippo items elsewhere on the site). It started as a one page site to show various Rippo's that are in the marketplace, but it has just carried on expanding.

I recently stopped my collecting of Zippo products. Turning my attention (and finances) to other areas of interest. I keep the site going mainly because the site gets a lot of interest, and hopefully gives visitors something worthwhile when they visit. For as long as people are still using the site and giving feedback, I will keep it in place and attempt to add to, and update it for the foreseeable future.

Narrowband users looking for images of Rippo/Fake Lighters may prefer to use the old site. The link to Rippo's not Zippo's can be found on the 'Links' page, be aware that the old narrowband site is no longer updated and only shows a selection of lower resolution fakes that can be found on the Rippo section of this site.

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11th July 2009 Members area closed, all files and data in that section deleted

23rd September 2008  My Zippo Images Page updated to show bespoke display cases

29th August 2007 New video added to Advertising page

11th August 2007 Pinup Artists Page added

8th June 2007 Ducati Monster Page added  ( Not Zippo Related )

20th May 2007 Advertising Page Updated  (new Zippo manufacturing video added)

29th April 2007   Zippo Blu page updated

28th April 2007  Zippo Manufacturing Plant Tour Video added to advertising page

27th April 2007  How not to sell Page added (WIP)

30th December 2006 Merchandise Page Updated & new images added

24th December 2006 Advertising Page Updated & NEW video content added

7th December 2006 Advertising Page Updated & NEW video content added 

3rd December 2006 Advertising Page Updated & Video content added 

30th November 2006 Patents Page Updated & New images added

11th November 2006 Zippo BLU Butane Page added

10th November 2006 Patents Page added

2nd September 2006 Advertising Page updated 

31st August 2006 Zippo Dating Page updated

26th August 2006   Rippo's Page updated to include more Viet Nam fakes.

26th August 2006   My Zippo Images Page updated (all drawers now linked).

19th June 2006    My Zippo Images Page updated, and Imposters page updated and renamed

11th May 2006     Table Lighter Page updated.

29th April 2006. Replica 1933 image added to Hinge design page

23rd April 2006 New images added to Humour page

21st April 2006  Page Descriptions index added

20th April 2006  Merchandise page updated

17th April 2006  Advertising page updated

16th April 2006 - Advertising page added

15th April 2006 - Hinge design page added

12th April 2006   Changes to Home page text, updates and additions to Table lighters, text additions to My Zippo Images section. Amended page selection order to make it more user friendly.

11th April 2006   Added new images to Georges Idea page. Slight changes to Home page and added Guestbook link to other pages on site.

10th April 2006   1st 60 Years page update completed and updates to Merchandise page.

8th April 2006     Began adding images to the 1st 60 Years page.

7th April 2006     Table Lighter Page added to site.

7th April 2006     Major site revision, Merchandise page moved from previous location to main index. More new images added to Rail Zippo page

6th April 2006     Further updates and additional images added to the Merchandise page. Imposters Page updated, added new hurricane details. New images added to Rail Zippo page.   

5th April 2006     Minor information updates to the Imposters page.

2nd April 2006     Added New images to Rail Zippo page and updated links page

1st April 2006      Added 1 new image to the Humour Page

25th Mar 2006      Added a new page:- 'Genuine Packaging', Showing various box designs and fuel cans. Some of the more blurred images on the Rippo section were deleted, I had intended adding the 60plus new Rippo images but have temporarily suspended the Rippo update process.

17th Mar 2006      Added new images to the the Rippo section. Removed request information from links page , Removed references to ZC Forum. Removed 2 pages from site. Deleted Hyperlinks from images on this page.

4th Mar 2006        Added new images and text to the Imposters, General Rippo's, Rippo Packaging and Rippo Bases pages.

27th Feb 2006      Numerous additions to the Rippo section, items added to Fronts, Bases and Packaging. Minor changes to home/index page.

22nd Feb 2006     New site links added to the links page. Rippo guarantee added to the Humour page.

19th Feb 2006      Links page modified and new site links added, plus small index page change.

14th Feb 2006      Imposters page modified, further images also added. LED Ziplight conversion page added.    

13th Feb 2006      Fake Flint dispenser, Leather holder & Fuel can images added to Rippo section.  Guestbook added to Links page.

11th Feb 2006      1st 60 Years Page added.

2nd Feb 2006        Site uploaded




                                  Members Only Area now closed. All details deleted as of July 09



                                                              Site was last updated on 07/11/09.

Although not directly credited on the site, a number of videos on this site would not be here were it not for the efforts of a select few individuals from Zippo Click.  The Click forums are often a huge resource for Zippo information and often invaluable to new (and old) collectors.






















many of the pictures have been sourced from newsgroups and sites visited over the years, If anybody finds a copyright image and is offended by the use of it on this site then by all means contact me and I will either remove it or insert the relevant information linking it to you. My intention is not to plagiarise the work of others, only to share information and help others in their interest.


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